Thursday, August 15, 2013

45 Life Lessons

I have been thinking about birthdays a lot lately. Not quite sure why, but I am feeling the need to mark the upcoming day with something besides scheduling a birthday lunch. So, I am following the trend from bloggers I read and coming up with 45 (to represent the upcoming year) Life Lessons.
Some of these come from journal entries written 25+ years ago, other bloggers and one comes from a recent Costco trip.

1. Life is to be unwrapped slowly, be sure to cherish even the smallest moments. 1/18/1986
2. Each day someone's life may be changed because you are in it. 12/7/1986
3. Someday something big is going to happen to you and you will want to be around when it does. (1986)
4. We can all exist, it is the living part that takes some effort. 2/2/1988
5. No reason to have a pity party if you cannot get a good caterer. 1988
6. Crap happens, but my Lord carries a pooper scooper 3/27/1989 (give me a break, I was in college).
7. No matter how much family and friends harass you, take pictures of all the moments, especially the simplest ones (and your food).
8. Don't underestimate the power of comfort food.
9. Strive to write a good story with your life. Borrowed from Donald Miller
10. Do something completely pointless every once in awhile, especially if it makes you laugh.
11. Worry less about what people think and more about making a difference in someone's life.
12. There will be people in your life that probably shouldn't be. Quit giving them a lead role in your storyline.
13. Those that started this journey with you - family, are always worthy of forgiveness when they request it.
14. Have a pet, treat it well.
15. Being "there" for someone is always more important than the need to complete a task.
16. Laugh really hard as much as possible. If you have people that make you laugh that hard, keep them in your life.
17. Be the kind of person babies and dogs trust.
18. Meaning in life always beats out success as a goal.
19. Realize you are not always going to get it right. Accept that fact so you can apologize when needed.
20. Be a better person today than you were yesterday...every day.
21. Allow someone to speak honestly into your life and let them speak on a regular basis.
22. Get a passport, just in case.
23. Always say yes to adventure even if it scares you speechless.
24. Take opportunities to be kind at random moments for random reasons.
25. Budget money and time so you have a little extra of both to be impulsive with both every once in awhile.
26. Journal.
27. If you have a choice between right and popular, always choose right especially when it is hard.
28. Don't be afraid to be the first person to reach out. Even if you are rejected, you were brave and that is great.
29. Make your grandmother's orange rolls...or angel food cake...or whatever tradition your family holds.
30. Don't let your past fears define your future experiences.
31. Leave a job with your employer willing to hire you back in a second.
32. Sometime in your life visit a third world country.
33. Hold the door open for people coming behind you (literally and metaphorically).
34. Recycle.
35. Avoid "hand wash only" clothes.
36. Take care of your teeth.
37. If you have a choice between pouring into a job or pouring into a person, always pour into a person.
38. Every once in awhile unplug from technology.
39. We are not meant to be perfect, just real.
40. Count blessings before disappointments. Borrowed from Ann Voskamp.
41. Life is uncertain, however God is certain.
42. Don't "throw others under the bus" to save yourself.
43. Never turn down an opportunity to laugh with family or friends, especially if you think you are too busy.
44. Authenticity is not easy, but in the end being honest is always better.
45. Be the kind of person that no one is surprised by your life lesson list.

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