Monday, December 5, 2011

Approach with Boldness

This morning one of our children in the church approached our lead pastor with a question. The little guy needed to be at children's musical practice and our lead pastor's wife happens to be the director of our children's choir. So he asked Andy where his wife was (actually due to some confusion he asked where his mom was...but Andy knew who he was looking for). Now this does not seem that unusual because our lead pastor happens to be very kid approachable. It is not a big deal for a child to walk up to Andy with a question of any sort.

How this particular exchange stands out has more to do with timing. Andy was wrapping up his sermon and happened to be behind the pulpit in the front of the Sanctuary at the time of the question. The little guy just came through the back door walked down the aisle straight up to Andy and inquired on the whereabouts of the children's music director.

There are so many things to say about this moment. Not the least of them being that Andy had just finished a sermon about our expectations and how this Advent we need to have our routine/tradition shaken. There also is the pure joy that in our congregation a child feels free enough to enter the Sanctuary and find out what he needs to know.

For me, this moment captures all of those points plus so much more. Yet, this afternoon what I happen to be processing is how completely un-bold I am in approaching my God. What about you? How many times are we limited by what those around us may think as we approach God? What about the thought some people have, "God has a lot of other things, more important things than what I have to ask"? Instead of just going to the one that we know will be able to help us, we waste a lot of time asking others.

When the child came up to Andy, all I could think was how cute he was and how great the exchange was. Why, because I like this kid. I like his family. He makes me smile. He was born and has grown up in this church. Now if I can love this exchange because of my thoughts about this kid, how much more does God desire us to approach the throne? God loves us intimately and unconditionally. There is nothing that would make God look at us and think “Get outta here”. Yet, how timid I am in my approach before God.

May I learn from a child (surprise, surprise) and approach my God with a boldness and uninhibited with my request.