Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Women's Retreat

Another women's retreat has come to a close. The Rubbermaid containers are full of pink fabric and stacked in storage. The feather boa fluff has been cleared from the tile. My office is looking normal again. The retreat is over.
Yet, there is still some fondue pots to be picked up in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, there is still some fondue in the fridge. I still am working on the details of the budget of the event. So, pieces of the event continue.
During the retreat, we talked about a woman named Esther who was beautiful, accepted and called to her destiny. We talked about how we are daughters of the King. We are beautiful, accepted and called by God. Do those pieces of information continue?
The world tells us that we are in constant competition to be beautiful. The hoops we must jump through to be accepted are crazy. And there is always something "more pressing" on our calendar than what God has called us.
So, we can easily let go of some awareness we gained on some snowy January weekend at church. We can pack away the reminders of the weekend and in turn pack away the words God spoke to our hearts.
Ladies, don't let it go. God is still active in this world and wants to show up in you! Put that feather boa on and get to work. Make that next step to which God is calling you. It may be hard, but you do not make it alone. You are a princess and not one that hangs out in the castle waiting for someone to rescue you. You have already been saved. Start living like it.
Get that passport!
Princess Melissa