Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's Get Fired Up!

We are in the middle of a sermon series titled "Let's Get Fired Up" highlighting the Holy Spirit. In preparation for the sermon this morning I have been humbled by the reality of the power of the Holy Spirit. The third person of the Trinity which includes all the power, abundance and strength our our creator, God.
Think about it, all that power is ours when we receive Christ.
And we are just hanging out on a Sunday morning, just chillin. Not really plugging into the capabilities of the gifts we have been given. If I really understood the power of the Holy Spirit I would be in complete awe a majority of my waking hours.
It was this idea that I was discussing with my mom this afternoon when she reminded me of a little known fact. (Leave it to a mother to point out the obvious).

I was a painfully shy child and still am very shy in so many ways.

Yea, there is the truth. Some that have known me a little longer than a couple decades are well aware of this fact. It is those people that know anytime I stand before more than one person it is the by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Myers-Briggs will show you my introvert score. My heart rate before I have to do anything having to do with public speaking will point out my fear. And yes, my mom will testify to the level of shyness I have been known for.
This afternoon my mom was reminding me of this truth and how God has empowered me to serve.
When we truly surrender to God's call in our lives, whatever that may be for this season in our life, God will enable.
The reasons we do not serve are lame and I have tried most of them. They do not hold up when we honestly consider what God has done for us. The Holy Spirit has gifted us to serve. My heart so desires for God's people to understand this truth and to know how Scripture confirms the reality over and over.
Yet, what my mom reminded me of this afternoon was that it really doesn't matter what Scripture I quote in an attempt to point out this fact. The truth is shown in the simple fact that I could quote Scripture from behind a pulpit in front of people in the first place.
Plugging into that power can be an adventure.
Let's get fired up!