Saturday, August 23, 2008


I washed my ipod this morning.

At this moment, the only person celebrating is Steve Jobs - he knows I will have to buy another one. It sucked. I can't believe I did it. Not because of some material issue. It was stupid of me (I should have known better) and I hate that. 

I have spent the day wanting to rewind and not toss it into the washer with my sheets (its a long story). This desire to rewind got me thinking about how many times I wish I could rewind moments. Some of them good and experience them all over. Other times I would want to play it differently this time. The slip of the tongue, the wrong word at the wrong moment and even the cruel words when I should have shared kind words.

However, I can't rewind any of the moments. So the lesson learned is - try to get the moment right the first time!

Friday, August 22, 2008

one inch deep

I heard a bible study teacher awhile back talk about how we have 100 relationships, however they are only an inch deep. Sometimes, that is more obvious than other times in my life.

I was talking yesterday with our pastor about facebook. I have 41 friends, which is little compared to the 500+ that many have. Yet, most facebook friends are not people you would call if you found yourself in jail and needing someone to bail you out at 2:00 in the morning. So what does that mean?

We have 100 relationships that are only an inch deep.

When I purchase a new cell phone, my first concern is getting my phonebook transfered. I don't want to lose the 75 phone numbers I have programed. Yet, if you were to check my call history - there is only 4 phone numbers I call/text on a regular basis. 

I have 100 relationships that are only an inch deep.

I will admit, I text because I don't want to bother the person on the other end or I don't want to be bothered on this end with a long conversation. I have unlimited texting.

I have 100 relationships that are only an inch deep.

This phenomenon is not a problem as long as somewhere in our phonebook we have one or two relationships that run 100 miles deep. Those that we can call when we find ourselves in need of a rescue (and even more important - can call us). How is your depth? It takes time, something most of us are limited on. 

The other problem with this trend is that we tend to consider our relationship with God in the category of shallow relationships. So, we never develop an understanding of the passionate love Christ expressed for us and the peace available through taking time to develop the relationship. 

Just some shallow thoughts on a Friday afternoon.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I thought when I finally set up a blog - I would have such profound thoughts to share. Now I cannot think of one single thing to say. I hate when that happens. 

I am in the middle of Church History 2 and we heard a lecture today on Karl Barth. I thought the guy was an idiot before I read his stuff. Why did I think he was an idiot? Because people that quote him come off as idiots (I will let you figure out who that might be). 

So, to throw myself into that bunch... "It is by Him, Jesus Christ, and for Him and to Him, that the universe is created as a theater for God's dealing with man and man's dealings with God". Karl Barth "The Doctrine of Election"  Isn't that use of the word theater kinda cool?

"What God does not find in us He finds abundantly in Him - with sufficient wealth to make up for all that lacks in us". Karl Barth "Theological Anthropology"

"Him" - that's Jesus! 

I will not stay long in this 19th century theologian place - trust me.