Sunday, November 15, 2009


As I walked up to the church building this morning, I had a realization.
Remodeling is harder than a new build.
Okay, maybe I have not had that much experience with either one. However, hear my reasoning.
With a new build, you get to watch this new creation develop. It is exciting and all "new".
With a remodel, yea, you get to watch "new" happening. However, there is the old being moved to the side. Something has to be removed for the "new" to be built.
As the light post came down and the landscaping disappeared, I felt kind of emotionally attached.
Okay, okay - a little dramatic. I didn't even notice the light post before I saw it on it's side this morning. However, overall there is the whole taking away.
I know it will be wonderful when it is done. (That is not just a "company line", I really can't wait - it is going to be great.)
Yet, there is something about the taking away that makes this remodel hard.

Then it hit me. That is what transformation is about.
In our lives, God is in the business of remodeling. And sometimes that means some old has to go. If God is going to do anything with my life, some old habits have to disappear.
Definitely some walls have to come down.
Maybe even a little digging deep to pull out some old stuff.
God doesn't think "I'll get it right with the next one".
No, God desires to take a surrendered life and make some changes.

As I walked across the dusty, concrete and crowded with "construction stuff" floor of what will soon be the remodeled hospitality room, I smiled.
Can you image what God has to work with?
Thank you, Lord for taking on my remodel. And, its not just a company line - I know you are doing great things in me. It will be great when it is all done.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sometimes silence is necessary

This past Thursday I attended a graveside at the Veterans' Cemetery. This was the first time I had been out to this particular cemetery. There was not a cloud in the sky and weather was beautiful. I don't remember ever attending a service with military honors.
There was power as the guns shot in rhythm. There is something incredibly breathe taking as "Taps" was played. Silence filled the area as the flag was folded. There was something rather powerful about watching this take place. A deep respect filled my heart.
All of this to honor a man who had served his country many years ago.

There was no room in this moment for political views or for one's opinion on war. This was a moment for silence.

Later on in the day, my eye caught the television news. Gunfire through an army base. I recognized the name of the base, my brother had done his basic training there. Words of the injuries and death filled the screen. Nothing was in rhythm, "Taps" will be played and the flag will be folded too many times over the next week.

Once again, there was no room at this moment for political views or for one's opinion on war. This is a time for silence and prayer for families.