Monday, October 27, 2008

I can hear the pump truck emptying out my septic tank this morning as I get ready. Yes, my house is on a septic tank and too often I have to have it emptied. I am in hope I do not have to go into detail of what is being pumped up and taken away. But please stay with me - I have a point. 

Before I became completely aware of what was taking place in my back yard - I was in prayer. Prayer for family and friends in my life - I do that as I dry my hair in the morning (you should try it, it is a great time to spend with God and also explains why my hair either looks really good or doesn't look too great).

Back to my point...when I realized the sound and what was taking place - it hit me. I was praying that the lives I was lifting to God would be cleared of the situations or circumstances that were hurting or causing them pain. That God would move in their lives toward healing or discernment. 

The sound of the pump truck made me wish I could just have a truck pull into my heart or life and start cleaning out the "eck" that can fill it some times. The people I care about could just call "Pump It" and have their lives cleared of the pain and hurt that can fill their days.

That became my prayer.

So in case you don't think you can pray because you don't know what to pray for...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

what's it say?

I have two pending thoughts on my mind right now (okay, possibly more - but two that are pushing against my thought process).

First, I am getting close to having 100 facebook friends. Why has that become a goal? Seriously, facebook friends are not people I am going to be able to call to borrow money - so why is it important to get to 100? Is it about popularity - I don't think so. Seriously, does it define me? NO.  It probably is as simple as the round number will just make me feel better. Nothing more. 

Second, have you noticed that people are more likely to speak their political views than their religious views. Being in ministry,  I will admit I am more likely to keep my mouth shut about who I am going to vote for and my mouth open about who I serve (that would be God). I know people will respond to that comment with a simple - but, don't you want your candidate to win and you want people to know why. Don't I want people to know about my savior? I am not against speaking your political views. My question is - do you speak your religious views as boldly? Are you more likely to feel that is a personal choice to follow Christ or Buddha? So, you shouldn't say anything. How can you feel that way about religion (I am not a fan of that word) and not feel that way about politics? Jesus came to save the world...isn't that important. Or is that just one opinion among many opinions about religion in the world? Wait, isn't that politics also. Again, I am not against speaking your political views - my question is: are you as bold when it comes to your faith? Or is the question - are you as sure about your faith as you are about you politics? That is another blog discussion.

I may get a "I love Jesus" sign to put in my yard. Can you image a debate between Jesus and Buddha?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

bad directory pictures

It became time for a new church directory, which means a new picture. Since I still use a directory picture taken over 8 years ago on my staff ID, you can imagine my excitement about getting my picture taken again. Not.

I really should have known how this would go when I had to reschedule my appointment three times. Can't do it on Thursday - concert, move it to Wednesday, no - walking club. Friday 9:10 p.m. after the wedding rehearsal - yea, that will work.

I left the cheesecake at the rehearsal dinner and made my way over to the church to sit in front of the lights. The photographer snapped, I waited for the salesperson to show me the results and then I said, "I would like a retake". 

I forgot how tired I would be after working since 9 a.m. (or at least that is what I am blaming the poor pictures on). My eyeballs literally went in different directions in the picture - that cannot be good. 

Here is my point, you know I have one. That one moment behind a camera captured on digital does not capture me. Anymore than one moment or season in our lives defines who we are or what are life is about. There will be moments when I look good and moments when I look bad. There will be moments full of laughter and moments full of tears. It is part of this journey.