Friday, October 30, 2009

Scripture as a sword

Words are powerful.
You know. I know, trust me, I know. I have used them in a positive way and I have used them in a negative way. And yes, I have had them used to encourage me and to beat me down.

However, Scripture was never meant to beat someone down.
The other day, I heard about someone attempting to use Scripture to get "their" point across in a negative way. Ouch!

Have you ever had someone use Scripture to beat you up? I have and it is not pretty.
Taking a verse and adding it to one's opinion as if to give one's negative words power is not the purpose of Scripture.
The Bible is beautiful and alive. The words found in Scripture are meant to guide and help us discern this journey of faith we are on. I have recommended someone read Scripture as they are struggling with direction. However, the recommendation usually is something like this, "Have you read the book of Hebrews lately? The book has some incredible things to say."
I have quoted a verse to express God's incredible and passionate love for humanity. The words were used to strengthen, to uplift, to encourage another person.

I have heard it expressed that the Word is a sword to be used against evil, not against each other. Yet, people do it.
People use this incredible communication from God as a weapon to slice another person.
I am not trying to "beat someone up" with my words in this blog. I am just trying to say, "hey, think about what you are doing before you do it, please".

As someone has shot at me with a list of single verses, my love affair with God's Word was not effected. However, my opinion of the person went south.
Yet, those that have been the target of negative prooftexting Scripture can quickly have a negative opinion of the Scripture.
Do you really want that to happen?

Here's the problem with prooftexting (taking a single verse out of context to make a point), there is always another verse that can be pulled out of context to make the opposing opinion.
Take 1 Timothy 4:2 for example "Such teaching come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron".

Some think they are just assisting the Holy Spirit with the job of conviction. I would attempt to assist this argument with prooftexting a verse. However, no where does it say, "the Holy Spirit needs your assistance".

Again, I am not trying to beat anyone up with this blog.
I am begging, please consider how you are using Scripture.
Words are powerful.